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2.1 - Available Manuscripts

There are at least four historical manuscripts of al-Qunawi Auditions, since most of the collections we mentioned in the previous chapter, when talking about the Index, also include the auditions and certificates from Sheikh Muhyiddin to Sadruddin al-Qunawi that permits him to narrate his books. Just like the Index, these manuscripts are copied from the original in the hand of al-Qunawi according to the collection of Yusuf Agha 7838, which is authenticated by the Greatest Sheikh, as we will detail this shortly. Here is a list of the most important of these manuscripts:

1. Yusuf Agha collection No. 7838, from page 346a to 349a. It is a set of hearing notes and written leaves starting from the date of Safar 627 AH to Jumada the First in 629 AH, written in the hand of Sheikh Sadr ad-Din al-Qunawi, and documented by the Greatest Sheikh, may Allah be pleased with them.

2. The Library of Hamidiye collection No. 188, within the Library of Sulaimaniyah in Istanbul, from page 143a to 144a, copied from the manuscript of Yusuf Agha 7838 mentioned above. The date of this copy is 1005 AH, based on the history of other manuscripts in the same volume.

3. Haci Mahmoud collection No. 6355, within the Library of Sulaimaniyah, Istanbul, on page 6b, copied from the manuscript of Hamidiye 188 mentioned above, thus after the year 1005 AH.

4. The collection in the Egyptian Book House, under No. 340 collections, from page 1a to 2a, as we described when citing the manuscripts of the Index. In addition to the index, we find some of the auditions documented by Sheikh Sadr al-Din al-Qunawi, which are copied from the original, as stated at the top of page 2a.

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