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5.1 - His First Trip to the North (601/1205-604/1208)

After more than two years of the neighboring the Holy House of Allah, in the Grand Mosque, the Greatest Shaykh Muhyiddin made his first trip to the northern regions, visiting the Madinah, then Baghdad and Mosul, to Malatya then Konya, then returning to Malatya and then to Aleppo and Damascus, then al-Quds and then al-Khalil and then to Cairo and then to Mecca again.


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First Journey to the North: (Mecca, Medina, Baghdad, Mosul, Malatya, Konya, Malatya, Aleppo, Damascus, al-Quds, al-Khalil, Cairo and Mecca).

5.1.1- The Divine Command for Counseling

5.1.2- The Seljuk State in Anatolia

5.1.3- Shaykh Abu-Ibrahim Majduddin Ishaq Ibn Muhammad al-Rumi

5.1.4- Visiting the Prophet peace be upon him (Madinah, 601/1205)

5.1.5- Passing Through Baghdad for the First Time (601/1204)

5.1.6- His First Stay in Mosul (601/1204)

5.1.7- In Diyarbakir

5.1.8- In Malatya and Konya (Shawwal 601/1205)

5.1.9- Damascus (602/1206)

5.1.10- His First Visit to Aleppo and Damascus (602/1206)

5.1.11- His Second Visit to al-Quds

5.1.12- His Second Visit to al-Khalil (602/1206)

5.1.13- His Second Visit to Cairo (603/1207)

5.1.14- Returning to Damascus ($sim$ 604/1207)

5.1.15- Returning to Holy Mecca (604/1207)

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