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0.3.5 - The Different Opinions about Him

Nevertheless, we still see that many Muslims, including some scholars, are not able to absorb what was brought by the Greatest Shaykh, because they are not able to dive into the seas of his books, so they refused them by the first glance, without giving the necessary attention. Often, many of them quote him in a wrong way and attribute to him tucked or incomplete statements, without recognizing the origin and the source or his intention and purpose, and even they threw him of corruption and infidelity and prohibited reading his books.

However, perhaps all this was by the mercy of Allah towards the general public that He appointed for them those who prevented them from indulging in the books of the Greatest Shaykh and then rejecting his wisdom! Because clearly not all people can withstand and delve into such deep sciences that should only be read deliberately and delivered by those who are ready. For this reason, we find that some great Shaykhs who acknowledge the Greatest Master, they prohibit their beginner disciples from reading his books since it is likely they may misunderstand him, which may lead to the corruption of their fragile faith or infidelity, Allah forbid!

Here therefore we find the true meaning of the saying that the mercy of the nation is in the divergence of their leaders, provided that the difference is not the cause of conflict, as it is sadly the present situation. There is nothing wrong with refuting Ibn al-Arabi, because in general he is not infallible, but there is no need to accuse him with infidelity without any conclusive evidence, because that whose faith was stated with certainty he can only be accused with equal certainty.

Throughout the centuries that followed Ibn al-Arabi, people divided against him into supporters and detractors. Some historians used to distinguish men through their position of the Grand Shaykh, as we shall explain in the second volume of this book, Allah willing. However, it is not at all wise to reject knowledge that does not correspond to our whims, unless we have a clear evidence against it, based on what it had been well proven in the Qur’an and Sunnah. In all cases, it is not our duty to judge on people for what was reported against them, even if they turn out to be truly mistaken, since we are responsible for accounting them, but rather their account is only by Allah Almighty,

Even if it was necessary to advise others by showing that someone is wrong, we should do so in a sound Islamic manner, without insulting, cursing or charging. But the fact is that some people have exaggerated in their criticism of the Greatest Sheikh, so they ended up by accusing him falsely of disbelief, immorality, and atheism. However, they did wrong to none other than themselves, since in all cases it is not permissible to accuse someone of heresy only because we don't like what they says, especially when they hold witness that there is no God except Allah and that Muhammed is the Prophet of Allah. The Prophet, may Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him, said in the authentic hadith: “Whoever says unto his brother: O infidel! then one of them has committed it! If it was not correct what he said, then it will revert to him” [kanz: 8272].

As for the scholars who acknowledges Shaykh Muhyiddin, and yet prevented their disciples from reading his books, this may have been justified in some cases during the previous centuries, but today things have changed with the fast progress of the media communication, because today everyone is exposed to many intellectual temptations and cultural variations which have given us a kind of immunity. Most people have become more open to hear and see the other side, without necessarily agreeing to what they are saying.

This is in fact the position of Shaykh Muhyiddin, since he did not ask his readers to agree and believe everything he says or he does, but they should at least leave it in the field of probability until they find some evidence for or against that.

When they find the evidence, then they will see that their mind will find his words acceptable, and their own chest will expand and their heart will rest, because, as the Shaykh says at the forefront of the Meccan Revelations: ”the heart will only cool for that it knows its truth.”

In any case, we must always refer back to the origins of our religion, based on the Quran and the Sunnah.

The sun of the introduction to this book, “The Sun from the West” is now setting, to rise again and again in its upcoming chapters, thanks to Allah and by His grace. We ask Allah Almighty to make it a shining light to guide all Muslims. We also ask Allah Almighty in the beginning for success, sincerity and guidance, then stability and survival in the end. Allah is behind the intention, and Allah says the truth, and He he guides the path.

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