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The Sun from the West

Biography of the Greatest Master Muhyiddin Ibn al-Arabi and His Doctrine

by Mohamed Haj Yousef

expected in December 2018

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Chapter IThe DawningHis ancestors and their moving from Yemen to Andalusia with a brief statement on the political and social situation there before his birth in 560/1165.
Chapter IIThe MorningHis birth and the period of his youth, including his visits to some cities of Andalusia - 560/1165 - 589/1192.
Chapter IIIThe SunriseMoving between the Cities of Morocco and Andalusia - 589/1192 - 597/1200.
Chapter IVThe NoontimeTravelling to the Orient, for the purpose of Hajj, and his stay in Makkah - 597/1200 - 600/1203.
Chapter VThe Afternoon Travelling between Iraq, Anadolia, the Levant, Egypt and Makkah - 600/1203-620/1223.
Chapter VIThe SunsetSettling in Damascus until his death may God have mercy on him - 620/1223 - 638/1240.
Chapter VIIThe DuskHis supporters and opponents, and his influence in Islamic thought and the world after his death may Allah have mercy on him in the year 638/1240.

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Because He loves beauty, Allah invented the World with ultimate perfection, and since He is the All-Beautiful, He loved none but His own Essence. But He also liked to see Himself reflected outwardly, so He created (the entities of) the World according to the form of His own Beauty, and He looked at them, and He loved these confined forms. Hence, the Magnificent made the absolute beauty --routing in the whole World-- projected into confined beautiful patterns that may diverge in their relative degrees of brilliance and grace.
paraphrased from: Ibn al-Arabi [The Meccan Revelations: IV.269.18 - trans. Mohamed Haj Yousef]